Pre-Kindergarten & Transitional Kindergarten Programs

Pre-Kindergarten Program: 3-4 years

Pre-Kindergarteners are natural Discoverers. The Montessori Materials and learning activities in the Montessori Pre-Kindergarten Program at DMS are hands-on, allowing the child to discover and explore. The total environment is created to reinforce a spontaneous interest in language expression and promote math skills in the young children enrolled in the Pre-K Classroom at DMS.

Curriculum in the Montessori Pre-K Classroom includes:

  • Language and Math Skill Development – Activities based on the total immersion approach is used to help the children develop a highly sophisticated vocabulary and command of language and number recognition.
  • Reading Activities – Reading activities are encouraged by thematic storytelling and creating stories using the magic of a young child’s imagination.
  • Writing Skills – Developed by writing letters and numbers 
  • Math Concepts – Temporal relations, number sense, counting, concrete before abstract, quantity before symbols all will be introduced.
  • Science and Social Studies – Spanish, music, and art activities begin to explore world cultures.

Transitional Kindergarten Program: 4-5 years

The Transitional Kindergarten Program is designed to prepare students for Kindergarten. 

Curriculum in the Transitional Kindergarten Program includes:

  • Emphasis on Reading and Math Skill Development – Hands-on solving of complex math problems, naming, memorizing and recognizing world continents, identifying geometric shapes, writing and learning scientific concepts will all be introduced in this class.
  • Fine Art, Music and Dance – Promotes the child’s creative intelligence and artistic expression.
  • Spanish as a second language will be taught during the academic portion of this program.