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Why Discovery


“The most important period of life is not the age of university studies but the first one, from birth to the age of six. For that is the time when man’s intelligence itself, his greatest implement, is being formed.”
~Maria Montessori

Start your child off right with our creative and exciting academic program....

At Discovery Montessori Preschool we offer a learning environment to foster your child's creative, emotional wellbeing and intellect. We provide a quality Montessori education to help your child grow to his or her fullest potential. We have created an unique Montessori preschool curriculum to enable your child to reach and maximize his or her full potential. We focus on intellectual development and nurture your child's independence and self-esteem. We have experienced teachers and specially prepared environment to provide your child with the best education possible.

We provide an age appropriate curriculum and a safe and learning environment suited for the child's needs and which supports the child's development in all areas. Our goal is to create a balance amongest the child's academic, social, emotional, physical and aesthetic developmental needs. Therefore the classrooms are prepared and the program is structured to take advantage of the child's sensitive years between 3 and 6, when the child begins to absorb information from an enriched environment. Our goal is academic excellence and our task is to help the child achieve the best.

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