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Programs & Curriculum

Infant Day Care & Early Education

The first six years of a child's life have been recognized as the most critical ones for optimal development.

AGES 6 Weeks - 1.5 Yrs
Infant care program is designed to provide infants with a safe and nurturing environment. Infants grow and learn every day. With personal care and regular interaction our teachers help stimulating your child’s learning. Our program includes language, cognitive, sensory and motor skill developments. Teacher-student ratio for this class is abided by state mandate. Our classrooms equipped with age-appropriate materials and equipment that support learning and development. We provide a safe daycare environment where your infant has the ability to move and explore. Teachers spend more time singing, playing with puppets and interacting to make your child feel secure. We follow safe sleep guidelines set by American Academy of Pediatrics.

AGES 1.5-3

Our comprehensive Early Years curriculum features activities and equipment designed for the development of gross and fine motor coordination. Hands on activities that are possible at this age are planned and incorporated into our daily routines. This curriculum focuses on individualized care and attention to build strong Foundations of love and security.They listen to music, dance, play with building material, splash with colours and paints, listen to stories, enjoy dramatization and puppet theatre.
At this age awareness is built to use appropriate words; curriculum helps to develop each child at cognitive, socio-emotional, physical and esthetic level. Field trips are planned as per learning themes. Children are exposed to many concepts through exploration and experimentation which help them to get ready for next level of education.They actively participate in Pre-reading and Pre-writing exercises, listening and viewing activities, physical activities (indoor and outdoor), memory games, problem solving tasks, music, painting, activities based on fine motor development skils etc.

AGES 3-4

Our junior pre-k children are beginning to learn to move on to a structured academic program. These activities will involve hands on Montessori material and a curriculum built to promote discovery and exploration. The curriculum focuses on early language and literacy skills, prewriting and writing skills, math concepts, science and social studies. They will learn through sensorial material created to learn language and math skills. The children will learn by a variety of activities like sorting, sequencing and matching. They will play, sing songs, engage in rhythmic movement activities and play instruments. In our Junior pre —k class we focus on teaching social skills on how to share toys, clean up after yourself and proper manners and life skills that build independence. We will introduce Home work for the first time in junior pre —k. Children will be given a small home work packet once a week. This gives parents a chance to work with the child at home and to reinf+orce skills that they learn at school.

AGES 4-5
Our Pre-K curriculum is designed to prepare children for school. We teach language arts, math, science, creative arts, social studies music, and development of motor skills. We have monthly lesson plans to include every aspect of learning to enable the child to learn and achieve an excellent academic progress. Each child has a portfolios and weekly home work assignments and reading logs to take home to ensure skill reinforcement and parent participation in their child's work. Each child works at his or her own pace and teachers work one on one and help teach the child by support and encouragement. Our main goal is the child's academic success and a bright future.

AGES 5-6


We use the Montessori Method of teaching and California education standard work books and text books. We teach the California phonics program and reading materials in our classrooms. The kindergarten academic curriculum and program will enable the students to excel in their classes when attending public schools.

Core curriculum:
Language arts and literacy program —letters and sounds Phonic reading program
Writing with the phonic medium
Manuscript writing
Number skills
Addition and subtraction number facts and introduction to multiplication and division
Reading phonic books /phonic program
Science and science experiments hands on learning
Social studies, geography, history, and cultures
Computer learning skills

In addition to the above we incorporate arts and crafts, reading, writing and comprehension, homework skills, writing activities, math skills through Montessori materials, music and movement, special projects and computer education in our daily curriculum.

Daycare facility is available to children of certain age group in certain locations. The daycare has a structured program which encourages each child to realize ‘I am’ and expand to ‘I can’. The caregivers are well educated and experienced to bring out the best from the child and give them a loving environment similar to home. The activities are based on their developmental milestones wherein we try to engage each child at physical, mental and socio emotional level. We also conduct sessions on music/dance/drama/art and craft to enhance their aesthetic sense.

We greatly emphasize the need for hygiene, safety and cleanliness especially when young children spend most of their time with us, and in furtherance of the same goal, we provide lead free washable beds, non-toxic plastic trays and child friendly furniture amongst other things. Pickup from the elementary school is available in certain locations and please contact your school administration about the details.
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